Comprehensive Map Citations

Bonin Petrel Pterodroma hypoleuca.  Photo by Sophie Webb.  


For this website, we mapped the at-sea distribution of all of the species of seabirds in our database. These maps then form the basis for the regional queries that produce the list of seabirds for an area, and can be displayed in the map tool or seen in the Comprehensive Reports. The  maps were created specifically for this project in 2013 and 2014, and reflect the best state of knowledge at that time.

To produce the maps, we mainly used secondary sources, although some primary sources were used. The sources of information for all species are provided in an Excel spreadsheet you can download by clicking the link below. The sources are grouped by species and taxonomic orders.

The list is not all of the references used in the species accounts, but only the references used for making the range maps.

If you have additional important sources of seabird distrbution information, please let us know.

Seabird Distribution Map Sources (Excel spreadsheet, 115 kb)