Introduction to the Map Tool

The basis of the seabird map tool is a series of 378 profiles, one for each of the species (see Taxonomy on the Documentation page for how we arrived at this list) with associated range maps.  From within the Map Tool, these profiles can be accessed either through a spatial query (Maps and Fisheries) or through a verbal search by family or species name, IUCN status etc. (Explore by Species). 

This map tool provides the best available information for each species, but is intended to be a starting point from which assessments can be made about the risks a particular fishery might pose to seabirds. We hope that the information gleaned from this database will enable and encourage species and gear-specific mitigation measures that result in safer and more cost-effective fishery operations around the world. For guidance on specific mitigation techniques please see the Mitigation section on our Resources page.

Brown Noddies Anous stolidus.  Photo by feathercollector/Shutterstock